HR Plus IT Plus Facilities/Real Estate Equals Workplace Success

Your enterprise’s HR, IT/AV, and Facilities/Real Estate leaders must all work together to drive workplace digital transformation. Just why is this collaboration so critical, and how do you make it work, given how challenging cross-departmental collaboration is in even the best-managed organizations?

In this session, an expert on workplace strategy will introduce you to ways of engaging across the three separate “swim lanes” of HR, IT, and Facilities/Real Estate, to improve your workplace strategies and increase the odds of success for your future workspace projects.

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0h 30min


  • Understand the sources of friction among HR, IT, and Facilities/Real Estate in workspace projects and workplace digital strategies, and how this friction can be overcome
  • Examples of how to hack the existing culture to get buy-in from lines of business leaders
  • A reframed approach to the entire workplace journey

Featured Speakers

  • Tom  Bradbury
    Tom Bradbury

    Tom Bradbury is a leader and entrepreneur focused on the enhanced productivity and, in turn, profitability of the workplace. Highly experienced in the correlation of technology, human resources and corporate real estate, Bradbury’s firm—WorkplaceUX®—utilizes a tech-based model for transforming fractured environments into a frictionless home for unparalleled collaboration. Tom’s in-depth knowledge of the industry and his close attention to client needs over his two decades of experience, including 18 years as founder and CEO of Labrador Technology, led him to the creation of WorkplaceUX®, an innovative approach to helping clients understand how to improve their work experience and maximize efficiency and output. A deeply strategic and entrepreneurial thinker adept at problem solving, lifecycle planning, and business process optimization, Tom created an original framework to discover these needs through the eyes of the users by leading them through six major pillars of a company environment, to ensure that companies will get the most out of their investments. A graduate of Providence College, Tom previously co-founded The New York Technology Group in 1997.

  • Eric Krapf
    Eric Krapf
    GM & Program Co-Chair, Enterprise Connect
    Publisher, No Jitter

    Eric Krapf is General Manager and Program Co-Chair for Enterprise Connect, the leading conference/exhibition and online events brand in the enterprise communications industry. He has been Enterprise Connect’s Program Co-Chair for over a decade. He is also publisher of No Jitter, the Enterprise Connect community’s daily news and analysis website. Eric served as editor of No Jitter from its founding in 2007 until taking over as publisher in 2015. From 1996 to 2004, Eric was managing editor of Business Communications Review (BCR) magazine, and from 2004 to 2007, he was the magazine's editor. Before coming to BCR, he was managing editor and senior editor of America's Network magazine, covering the public telecommunications industry. Prior to working in high-tech journalism, he was a reporter and editor at newspapers in Connecticut and Texas.

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